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Mystical places in the Carpathians: 9 places worth visiting

02 February 2022

Since ancient times, the mountains have been considered a place with a special energy that makes you feel healthy and gives you longevity and wisdom. For a person who is tired of the city life and daily routine, any place in the Carpathians is a place of power. But today we will talk about mystical locations associated with unusual phenomena and ancient legends.

It is believed that in many of these places live Carpathian evil spirits, or, conversely, are inhabited by benevolent spirits. If you are thirsty for adventure and want to touch the mysteries of the Ukrainian mountains, you can’t avoid these locations!

Places of Power in the Carpathians

Some people call the places of power sacral places that give health, inspiration, and help to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Not everyone believes in the existence of such energy centers. But many tourists note that in such places, their well-being rapidly changes for the better. Some even have a feeling of euphoria, chronic pains go away. Places of power are visited not only by molfars, psychics or yogis, ordinary people also go here, wishing to see with their own eyes these mysterious locations. Let’s consider the most powerful and popular of them.

Dovbush Rocks

When listing places of power in the Carpathian Mountains, you should start with the location named after the leader of the Opryshki. This is a group of rocks, each of which has a unique shape and its own name. In ancient times, there was a pagan temple, later – a monastery, and in the XVIII century, the place became a camp of the “Ukrainian Robin Hoods”, led by Oleksa Dovbush. The rocks and caves are believed to keep the memory of ancestors, and therefore have a powerful positive energy. Locals are sure that everyone who touches the “Stone of Eternity” gets the courage of Dovbush himself as a gift.

Maniava hermitage

This monastery, located on the bank of the river Manyavka, is called the Carpathian Athos. It is believed that the settlement was founded back in 1240 by the Kyiv clergymen. Thousands of pilgrims and just curious people come here every year to feel the powerful light energy of the place, to be filled with power, to receive a blessing. It is believed that if you go around the underground temple and cells with a lighted candle, it will become a family amulet. It is necessary to keep it at home, then all troubles will be bypassed.

Written stone

This natural landmark is located in the village Bukovets. Picturesque rocks of remarkable shape, most likely, were the place of an ancient pagan cult. Interestingly, the petroglyphs carved on the rock still remain undeciphered. Thousands of Ukrainians come here to admire the mountain scenery and feel the positive energy of the place.

The places near the Written Stone are perfect for meditation. For those seeking inner peace and quiet, there is an interesting sign: just bring a small stone with you and leave it just before you leave with the thought that you wish to “let go”.

The Stone God of the Sun

Not far from the fortress of Tustan you can find a large, moss-covered stone. It is called the God of the Sun because of its incredibly strong energy. The stone itself and the surrounding rocks are covered with petroglyphs of different eras, among these signs there are very ancient symbols that are visible only at certain times of the day. Archeologists suggest that there might have been a sanctuary where ancient people worshiped the sun. If you go to the Sun God, be sure to visit the fortress of Tustan, which is an interesting archeological site, presumably from the Middle Ages.

Ternoshorska Lada

Ternoshorska Lada is a 14-meter-high rock, resembling the figure of a pregnant woman. It is believed to be an ancient sculpture (over 40 thousand years old) depicting the Great Mother. Solar symbols and other evidence of a fertility cult can be found near the figure. Many believe that the rock is endowed with healing powers: couples who want to have a child come here.

If you are looking for places of power of Transcarpathian, pay attention to other iconic locations: the ancient oaks in the village Stuzhytsa, the point of a large meteorite fall near the village Knyagynya, Basylian Monastery in the village Maly Berezniy, pyramidal mountains near the village Vyshka. This is not a complete list of mystical locations, which are considered the energy centers of Western Ukraine!

Ominous places of the Carpathians

There are a lot of places in the mountains that are associated with gloomy legends and ominous beliefs. Locals usually avoid anomalous areas, and tourists, on the contrary, visit them to tickle nerves, to check rumors about spirits and mermaids. Some people in such locations experience unreasonable anxiety, fear, a sense of someone else’s presence, weakness. Not scared? Then be sure to visit at least one place of creepy Carpathian legends!

Crane Lake

This lake is also called the Dead Lake by the locals. Its surface gives the impression of a completely black mirror. But if you look closely, it becomes clear that the water is transparent: at the bottom you can easily notice the trunks of fallen trees. There are no fish or other living organisms in the lake, and shallow gas bubbles periodically rise to the surface from the depths. The reason is that the water here is saturated with hydrogen sulfide. The Dead lake is surrounded not only by forests, but also by vast swamps, in which many people who ventured to travel during the snowmelt or after the prolonged summer rains have lost their lives.

Cemetery of Austrian soldiers near Hoverla

The cemetery dates back to World War I. Several dozen graves, many with massive stone tombstones, can be seen in the middle of the forest. According to historians, all the soldiers buried here died on the same day during the battle of the Austro-Hungarian army against the Russian Empire. Some believe that the ghosts of the young men who died before their time still roam the local woods.

Lake Maricheika

The pond of glacial origin belongs to the Chornohora ridge. It is located near the mountain Shurin. The winding shores of the lake are overgrown with reeds, dense coniferous forest rustles around. There is a grim legend connected with the lake. It is said that once this place suffered from the constant raids of enemies. One day brutal nomads reached the village where a girl named Maricheika lived. People rushed to flee, and only the brave heroine decided to defeat the enemy. She led the nomads into the swamps at the foot of the mountain. When Maricheika’s plot was revealed, she was killed. At that moment, a storm came up, lightning struck, the earth parted, and a lake formed in which the nomads drowned. Not all tourists dare to go down to the reservoir.

Black Mountain

Pop Ivan Chernohirsky is considered a place of power for the Carpathian molfars, the center of both light and dark energy, a gateway to heaven and hell. Near the top there are circles of power, in the middle of which is a wooden pillar. Locals say it is better for the uninitiated and ordinary curious not to go to the top of the Black Mountain. Would you dare to conquer one of the highest peaks in Ukraine?

Also scary mystical stories about ghosts and evil spirits are associated with most castles in Transcarpathia. This is not surprising: the ancient walls have seen thousands of deaths and births, survived several wars and sieges. There is a special atmosphere here. We recommend you to pay attention to Zolochivsky castle (it served as a prison for a long time), Pidgoretsky castle, Palanok castle (where the notorious Sophia Bathory lived), Olessky, Serednyansky and Kremenetsky castles.

Mystical Carpathian locations

We should tell separately about the secret places in the Carpathian Mountains, which are associated with both positive and negative beliefs and rituals. A good example of this is Lake Nesamovyte. Hutsul believes that it is here where hail originates, and the smooth surface of the shallow reservoir does not freeze because of the souls of sinners that inhabit it. However, unmarried girls and boys are advised to visit this place: it is believed that it is enough to wash your face with the waters of the lake to meet your soulmate within a year.

A similar place can be called Synevir. This beautiful highland lake is called the Devil’s Eye. It is associated with terrible legends about unclean forces and ruined innocent souls. But it is believed that those who married on the shores of Synevir will be happily married forever.

If you want to learn more about the mystical traditions and places of the Carpathian Mountains, be sure to visit the Museum of Hutsul Magic in Verkhovyna.