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Активний відпочинок

Outdoor activities

Is a holiday without thrill and adventure inconceivable for you? Or do you want to add some wow-moments to your vacation? We offer you a variety of options for outdoor activities that are featured on our website. All you need to do is to choose.;)


Відпочинок на території комплексу

Rest on the territory

The rest on our complex territory gives you а feeling of peace and comfort. Time stops here as if you came to your best old friend to rest your heart and soul.


Организация праздника

Services for celebrations

You can enquire about additional services by contacting us: +380 50 603 42 64

 All prices are in effect as of September 01, 2021. Prices may be subject to change.

Helium balloons from 80 UAH per 1pc + delivery
Helium numbers from 250 UAH per 1pc + delivery
Holiday cake from 600 UAH per kg + delivery
Bouquet of flowers  from 1,000 UAH + delivery
Live music  from 8,000 UAH
Photographer  from $100
Fireworks  from 1,500 UAH per 1 pc.
Tasty bouquets from 1,000 UAH
Hairstyle from 1,200 UAH
Make-up from 1,200 UAH
Aqua makeup for children from 150 UAH per child
Master of ceremonies from $300
Lighting (garlands/spotlights) please enquire
Candy bar please enquire
Laser show  from $100
Decorations please enquire


If the above list does not feature any services that you are interested in, please contact us: +380 50 603 42 64, and we will use our best endeavors for you.




What if it would be possible to hold a conference, enjoy the fresh mountain air, take pleasure of recreation, and do it all at the same time? Well, we offer such a possibility! A spacious room that can accommodate up to 200 people will add status value to your event, and staying in our hotel will provide all participants with an unforgettable leisure experience.

The cost: from 1,600 UAH per hour. (Minimum duration of hall rent is 4 hours).