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A spa is a treatment that naturally cleanses the body, oxygenates the tissues, and gives a feeling of peace and lightness. And a spa with an incredible view will add another + 100% enjoyment to your vacation! This is something only we can offer!



It’s nice to sit on the terrace, enjoy the moment, experience it, and fully surrender to the environment that surrounds you; you can enjoy here and now with our smoky hutsul.



If yoga is your lifestyle and you feel concerned that coming on vacation would make you miss your favorite practices as proper places can’t be found that easily, then let us confidently reassure you because we have arranged a lot of dedicated areas suitable for yoga lovers.


Kids' space

We make sure that all our guests enjoy their staying and have a great time! Even children wish to have marvelous holidays. Furthermore, they have their own imagination of what the best leisure time should be. They want to run around, enjoy active games, and have fun!

That is why we have a kids’ space with an animator who will find a way to get along with each and every child. And in the meantime, parents can relax in the Jacuzzi.



So you have come to the hotel for a vacation. And if you want to make a barbecue meal and roast some juicy vegetables, we have wonderful gazebos with fabulous views where outdoor grills are installed for your comfort.

 Firewood for the grill: from 100 UAH per box.