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New Year in the Carpathians: Planning a trip to the mountains for the holidays

20 December 2021

New Year’s Eve is a special holiday, but sooner or later everyone catches himself thinking that he spends this evening monotonous, and therefore quite boring. A change of scenery, new acquaintances and an unusual entertainment program will remedy the situation. Everything is waiting for you in the mountains!

Christmas or New Year in the Carpathian Mountains is a great choice for people who travel alone, couples or families with children. To make the adventure successful, it is important to start planning the trip in advance. Interesting deals can be found even for fans of spontaneity: in some hotels there are available rooms “till the last minute”. But experienced travelers still recommend paying attention to preparation.

Why the Carpathians?

Winter Mountains have a special beauty: proud Carpathian slopes framed by thick snow-covered forests make an unforgettable impression. Fresh air, mild frosty weather, and perfect slopes make for active rest. There is enough snow fun for everyone!

Well, after an active day in the hotel or cottage you will be in the comfort of a real fireplace. It’s so nice to warm up by the live fire with your favorite book or intimate conversations with your loved ones. You can finish your day with a visit to the wood-burning sauna or bathing in a hot tub right under the stars. Agree it’s hard to imagine a more attractive winter idyll!

New Year in Bukovel is especially good because of the great holiday program. Each hotel organizes its own celebration, so you can choose a hotel on the basis of the offered entertainment. Most often these are live music, performances, light shows and/or fireworks, dancing, etc. Usually the entertainment is chosen so that it is interesting for all the guests, regardless of age. Choosing a major Carpathian resort, you can be sure that you will not be bored.

Celebrating New Year in the Carpathian Mountains doesn’t do without traditional dishes. Some restaurants serve exclusively local delicacies, while others offer dishes cooked according to both Hutsul and all-Ukrainian or even European recipes. So you can celebrate the main holiday of the year with your favorite dishes in a family circle.

New Year in the Carpathians: planning of a trip

You can organize your New Year’s rest in the Carpathian Mountains on your own or order a ready-made tour. The first option is cheaper; it gives more freedom to choose the place of residence, entertainment and dates. The saved money can be used to stay in a more comfortable hotel or to spend an extra day in the mountains.

If you are interested in the biggest choice of hotels, book a room a few months before the New Year. But even in this case, keep in mind that prices during the winter holidays are 30-50% higher than on other dates. If you want to save money, go on a trip with friends: a room for 3-4 people will be a good solution.

What is the best way to travel?

If budget optimization is your first priority, go to the Carpathian Mountains by train or bus. Choose your destination according to the place you’re planning to celebrate New Year in the Carpathian Mountains. For example, the best way to Bukovel is to go from Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia, Yaremche or Chernovtsy.

Do independence and mobility come first? Go out in your own car! Do you want to save as much time as possible? Then you should take a plane. You can get from Lviv to Bukovel in a few hours by bus.

What to bring?

During the New Year holidays, the weather in the mountains is fairly stable: good snow cover, a slight “minus” in the air. The choice of clothing largely depends on how you plan to spend your time. But keep in mind that it is almost impossible to stay away from active rest here! Sledging, skiing, snowboarding, ziplines, horse riding – everything beckons and at the same time requires appropriate clothing.

Therefore, you should definitely put into the suitcase waterproof pants, moisture-wicking underwear, a few fleece jackets, lightweight down jacket and windproof jacket. This stuff will also come in handy if you decide to storm the picturesque peak of Hoverla. The way there in winter is true adventurers. In addition, do not forget to bring trekking shoes or winter boots with a strong non-slip sole.

If you plan to ski or snowboard, it is enough to bring a basic closet. All the equipment can easily be rented locally at a reasonable price. Also, bringing your favorite board and a full set of protection is not the best idea if you are traveling by train or bus.

It wouldn’t hurt to add a few everyday items to your suitcase: a sweater, a hoodie, your favorite winter pants. Be sure to take a hat, scarf/buff, gloves, sunglasses, and if you plan to treat yourself to a hot tub, a bathing suit. Since the “highlight” of your program is New Year’s Eve in the Carpathians, don’t forget to take a more elegant outfit and a pair of shoes. Correctly packed suitcase will make your family vacation pleasant, and a full set of necessary things will protect you from colds and other troubles.


Holidays in the Carpathian Mountains during New Year’s Eve are beautiful, whether you’ve prepared for it beforehand or decided to go there spontaneously. Fans of noisy parties should definitely choose one of the major resorts, because the hotel will make sure you have a truly magical New Year. Choose your transportation carefully and calculate the travel time. In this way you will avoid disappointing schedules and save time. Keep a schedule of suburban buses and electric trains in advance.

Take your time while packing. Although you won’t need much for a short trip, you should choose the right clothes. Take enough warm clothing for outdoor activities and an outfit for New Year’s Eve.