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Fishing in the Carpathians: a special vacation in the mountains

01 July 2023

The Carpathians are not only about skiing and active recreation in the mountains; many tourists come here specifically for fishing. There are various types of fish in the Carpathian reservoirs, and their catch is under strict control, so poachers struggle here. It’s an advantage for ordinary fishermen because they can expect a bountiful catch and a wonderful vacation.

Many men are fond of fishing, giving it the status of a cult occupation. This is an opportunity to communicate with nature, a kind of meditation and rest, and an interesting gambling competition. Try fishing in the Carpathian reservoirs against the backdrop of stunning landscapes, and your favorite hobby will bring you even more positive emotions!

Vacation in the Carpathians with fishing

A good catch happens in ecologically clean reservoirs, near which there are no chemical enterprises. Such lakes, ponds, and streams are found in the Carpathians, where most of nature has not been affected by humans. Many fishing enthusiasts pick those places to fish in the bosom of magical nature.

Entrepreneurs in the Carpathians create specialized fish farms and invite tourists to go fishing. You can catch trout by yourself, engaging in sport or regular fishing. In the first case, fish are caught for sporting interest and then released back into the reservoir. In the second case, people pay certain fees and take the catch for themselves. You can cook the caught salmon right on the spot, for example, on an open fire, where you are guaranteed an unforgettable taste and aroma!

In addition, you can catch fish not only in fish farms but also in ordinary Carpathian rivers and lakes. For example, in the Skolivskyi district, you can find perch, madder, grayling, chub, pikeperch, and other types of useful fish.

However, it is necessary to remember important exceptions: in protected areas, such as Synevyr, fishing is prohibited!

Fishing in the Carpathians: main advantages

If you go on vacation to the Carpathian region, do not forget to fish in the local reservoir because this is a popular activity in western Ukraine. In the middle of picturesque nature on the banks of a clean mountain river, you will get even more pleasure from fishing than anywhere else.

Every man who loves fishing in Bukovel can catch a delicious trout, perch, or grayling, even on self-made bait. Locals say that it is best to fish in the Carpathians in the evening when there are many insects in the air. The insect also flies over the water, so the fish also swims to the surface, trying to catch prey.

Advantages of fishing while on vacation in Bukovel:

  • natural landscapes that take your breath away;
  • crystal-clear mountain air;
  • complete unity with nature and the opportunity to fully relax;
  • high-quality service available at any budget;
  • fishing tackle can be purchased or rented;
  • you can fish with children and get unforgettable impressions from a family vacation.

Carpathian trout fishing

Catching trout is the dream of every fishing lover. This fish has tasty, tender, and very useful meat, from which various dishes are prepared: fish can be boiled for soup, baked, fried, salted, etc. Usually, the weight of one fish varies from 1 to 5 kg, but sometimes there are giant specimens that weigh about 10, 15, or even 20 kg. In addition, small trout weighing 0.4–0.6 kg can be found in Carpathian reservoirs.

In the Carpathians, you can see two types of trout: brook trout and lake trout. The first has hooked teeth and a greenish body with black, white, or red spots. Large teeth, a red-brown back, and a silvery belly are characteristic of the lake trout, which is also called “kuzhma”. Both species live only in high-quality, clean water saturated with oxygen and at a cool temperature. As soon as the water becomes polluted and the ecology deteriorates, the trout swims to another area.

You should remember that fishing in the Carpathians is strictly prohibited during spawning. This period falls in May–July and February–April. Control is very serious, so tourists should not deviate from the established rules.

What kind of fishing can be done in the Carpathians?

While vacationing in the Carpathians, you can choose one of the following types of fishing:

  • sports;
  • wild or common;
  • professional;
  • from the boat;
  • from a kayak.

The most popular type of fishing in the Carpathian region is sport fishing, when fish are caught for the pleasure of the process, and not for eating. The caught trouts are then simply released back into the reservoir. However, there are other options: for example, for an additional fee, the caught fish can be given to you or cooked immediately on the spot.

You can also fish for trout in special training areas solely to gain fishing skills. This is a great option for a fishing holiday in the Carpathians with children who not only get exciting leisure time but also learn to fish.

Vacation with fishing: the Carpathians offer a lot of options

First of all, pay attention to the villages near which there are fish farms. For example, it can be Svalyava, the village of Dilove, Turya Pasika, etc. However, you can relax by fishing in other places as well. Bukovel itself offers many opportunities for amateur fishermen in combination with a developed infrastructure and comfortable accommodations.

In addition to the pleasure of fishing, the incredible beauty of the landscape, crystal clear mountain and forest air, healing springs, and delicious natural products, including useful ecologically clean fish, await you.

A vacation in nature combined with your favorite hobby will provide you with an ideal vacation in the Carpathians with fishing. Sitting with a fishing rod near a river or lake, you can drift your thoughts into the distance, talk with friends, or just enjoy the peace, connecting with nature and not thinking about anything. With the company of friends or family, or maybe just alone with nature, you will definitely get a good catch and the best fishing experience!