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Holidays in the Carpathians with Children: A Fascinating Journey at Any Time of Year

06 July 2021

Do you want to make a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in your city? A vacation in the Ukrainian Carpathians with children is a great solution. This is a unique opportunity to visit a climatic health resort, where you can easily organize your leisure time and gain strength for the entire year. For those who would like to spend a family trip with maximum efficiency, here is a thorough overview of travel options for enthusiasts. Onwards!

Reasons to Choose Recreation in the Carpathians

A family vacation in the Carpathian Mountains with children is worth choosing for several reasons:

  1. Mild climate — the weather in the Ukrainian mountains is favorable for lazy rest. Mild snowy winter brings you into a New Year’s fairytale atmosphere. In spring, the Carpathian slopes are covered with early flowering heavily. Here, you won’t suffer from exhausting heatwaves, and autumn is the period to enjoy the freshness and last greenness, especially in forests.
  2. Natural beauty — if your child has never seen mountains, this sight will be an unforgettable experience for sure. Slopes covered with age-old forests are interspersed with misty meadows, and there you will see a lot of horses grazing freely.  Nature here disposes to contemplation and carefree pastime.
  3. A wide range of activities and entertainment — family vacations in the Carpathian Mountains are becoming more and more popular so that local infrastructure is extensively adapting to the needs of all guests, regardless of their age. You will find something exciting to do here at any time of year, and your child will never feel bored or miss home.
  4. Affordable prices — the trip will cost less than most seaside vacation options or traveling abroad. The biggest savings are achieved in the so-called low season that takes place in spring and fall.
  5. Health promotion programs — in the Carpathians, there are more than 400 mineral springs and places for medical mud baths practice, as well as numerous health centers, including balneotherapeutic and kid-friendly resorts.

Winter Holidays with Children in the Carpathian Mountains

Resting in the Carpathian Mountains in winter is best spent in ski resorts such as Bukovel. They are focused on multiple services and offer a lot of entertainment for families. There is a wide range of ski slopes of different complexity levels, and there are even ski schools for children, where beginners will learn how to go skiing. 

Usually, those families with children plan a trip to the Carpathian Mountains whose kids are over four years old. Apart from going skiing and snowboarding, teenagers will appreciate the bathing experience in hot tubs or jacuzzi spa baths, as well as relaxing massage. Hotels such as Stara Pravda additionally equip children’s playrooms. There is a place to have fun with new friends or spend leisure hours playing Playstation games.

Choosing when and where to spend your vacation in the Carpathians with children, don’t forget to consider that it starts snowing in November here. During this time, the temperature drops close to or below freezing. From December to March, the temperature fluctuates from five Celsius degrees above to five Celsius below zero. This provides excellent conditions for skiing. It is best to plan your rest in March — a lot of snow, several sunny days, and the peak season is behind. At the same time, hotels and restaurants, as well as services for renting entertainment equipment, offer discounts.

Recreation in Spring Carpathians with a Child

You should choose the place for a spring vacation with children in the Carpathian Mountains in accordance with the dates of the trip. In March, the winter season is still on the go, while April offers warmer weather conditions. This month is usually preferred by parents with children from 2 years old. You can choose a room in one of the hotels or a separate cottage at an affordable price. Carpathian crocuses and daffodils begin blooming in the meadow areas, and the temperature reaches 15 degrees Celsius above zero.

Recreation with children in the Carpathian Mountains is especially pleasant in May. The snow completely melts, and the slopes are covered with various grass types, which allows you to settle among real mountains in Bukovel, for example. The season of flowers continues, local rivers become especially picturesque, and the number of sunny days increases. The air is warmed up to 18-24 Celsius degrees above zero, depending on the altitude change.

Spring is great for hiking and horseback riding. In May, some of the summer attractions open, such as some types of zip-lining services, catamaran rides, etc. Entertainment and ethnic theme parks, such as Hutsul Land, also await guests. There are also numerous creative master classes, a petting zoo, photo-shooting zones, and many other interesting options for leisure. A visit to the amusement park will appeal to children from 3 years old. Please note that admission is usually free for kids under 6 years old, and children younger than 12 years can get a discounted ticket. If you don’t want to get bored, you should choose family resorts, including Bukovel.

Summer Vacations with Children in the Carpathians

Resting with children in the Carpathians in summer is a great choice, regardless of the age of the younger family members. This is high time to visit the region — the maximum of attractions and entertainment is opened. In June, the level of precipitation is relatively high: it will rain during 1-2 weeks out of 30 days. But the temperature usually rises to around 20-22 degrees above zero even high in the mountains. In July, the rainfall is less, and the air is warmed up to 25-28 Celcius degrees above zero. One of the most favorable months in this regard is August: there is not much precipitation, and the daytime temperature ranges from 20 to 20 Celsius degrees above zero, depending on the altitude of the resort you choose. The higher is the hotel/recreation center situated, the less the heat.

A vacation with kids in the Carpathian Mountains in a countryside area or a hotel at a family resort offers such opportunities for leisure:

  • Swimming in a pool or open water body (for instance, Molodosti Lake in Bukovel);
  • Aerial lifts;
  • Hiking and horseback riding;
  • Outdoor playgrounds and sports grounds;
  • Tubing and suspension attractions (zip-lines, rope parks);
  • Kayaking and walks on catamarans;
  • Renting bicycles, go-karts, quad bikes, jet skis, jeeps;
  • Visiting local cheese factories, getting acquainted with culinary traditions of Western Ukraine;
  • Going to museums and ancient castles of the region;
  • Visiting amusement theme parks that introduce local culture and history.

Selecting a vacation with children in the Carpathian Mountains in summer, you can plan your own leisure time or take advantage of ready-made offers. For example, hotels often organize field trips and horseback riding activities. Local hotel managers are always ready to recommend to you which attractions, cafes, and restaurants are worth visiting and how to get to the museum of your choice.

Vacation in a Children’s Camp

If it’s difficult to plan a vacation with children in the Carpathian Mountains, you can let only the youngest members of your family make a trip. There are a vast number of children’s camps that are ready to make your child’s vacation bright and interesting. Camping sessions start when the summer holidays begin. This vacation package includes four-five meals a day, entertaining and educational programs, medical care services, comfortable accommodation conditions, excursions, and training activities.

Some camps offer additional health-improving practices, English language courses, and other bonuses. Naturally, these extra deals increase the overall cost of the trip. At such camps, you kid will easily find new friends, learn more about teamwork, and, of course, have fun.

Resort Vacation for Children

Staying in mountain areas has a powerful health-promoting effect — the abundance of forests, lack of industrial enterprises make the air and water here particularly clean. For example, the concentration of oxygen in the Carpathians is 8-10 times higher than in cities and 2-3 times higher than at the seaside. Ionized air gives energy, improves mood, has a positive effect on the well-being of people with bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis.

A trip with children to a local resort in the Carpathians is a good solution if your child needs to pass a rehabilitation process. Here you will find the world-famous balneological and mineral resorts. Specialized children’s centers have the most advanced equipment and natural resources for treatment, rehabilitation after injuries or diseases:

  • Beregovo is a thermal resort, where there are springs of chloride-sodium water. Here the treatment programs of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems’ diseases are developed.
  • Truskavets is the place where ozokerite and mineral waters (including the famous “Naftusia” mineral water). Here there are resorts that specialize in the treatment of digestive system disorders.
  • Morshin is a quieter and less expensive resort compared to Truskavets. Local medical establishments also treat digestive disorders.
  • Svalyava is the place where such mineral waters as “Polyana Kvasova”, “Svalyava”, “Polyana Kupel”, “Luzhanskaya-7”, and “Luzhanskaya-4” are gathered. Local specialists are aimed at treating diseases of digestive, cardiovascular, urogenital, and respiratory systems. There are also recreational programs for diabetics.
  • Shayan is a region where there is a source of the “Shayanskaya” mineral water, which is equal in value to “Narzan” and “Borjomi”. This place is known for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system and mouth cavity in particular, as well as the musculoskeletal system, metabolism disorders, gynecological illnesses, gynecological diseases, pathologies of ENT organs, and excretory system disorders.
  • Solotvyno — this place is worth visiting with kids who suffer from respiratory illnesses. There are salt mines that are up to 200 meters deep, which is recommended for people with bronchial asthma and other ENT diseases. Curing with local mud and brine is also carried out, which is important for skin problems, nervous system disorders, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

Packing a Suitcase: What Should Your Child Prepare to Take Before a Trip to the Carpathians?

Choosing the best places in the Carpathians for a vacation with children, do not forget about the list of things to take with you. It will be quite different from what you usually consider for sea holidays or going to your grandmother in the village. To make your child feel comfortable and ready for any weather, please make sure your list includes the following items:

  • Enough seasonal clothing for several changes;
  • Warm clothes (it is relevant even in summer because it can be especially cool in the evenings in the mountains);
  • A windbreaker and a raincoat;
  • Thin, warm socks;
  • Lightweight shoes and rubber boots or waterproof boots;
  • Caps or other headdresses;
  • Swimsuits.

Which Vacation Format Should I Consider?

Overall, a trip to the mountains can be planned in one of three formats, each of which has its own advantages:

  • A family vacation with a child in the Carpathian Mountains is a universal option that offers a maximum of positive experiences for all the participants. You can plan your vacation for any time of the year, picking up the location with the best weather and entertainment options. In summer, you can stay with kids in a private accommodation or recreation center in the Carpathian Mountains, but the most convenient option is still a hotel.
  • A children’s summer camp is a good choice for those families who for various reasons don’t want to go on vacation as a group. Parents can be sure of their child’s safety, an interesting entertainment program, and proper nutrition options. Some camps offer a combination of recreation and education services. This is a good choice for the summer holidays.
  • A resort is a wonderful solution for families with a child who needs professional rehabilitation services. This is a nice way to get wants and needs met since parents can not only support their kid during health-care procedures but also organize an interesting entertainment program for him/her. This is a great solution for a vacation with children in the Carpathian Mountains in winter or a trip at any other time of the year.

No matter what choice you make, a vacation in the mountains will please you with a high level of service and bright impressions. You can easily organize the best vacation with children in the Carpathian Mountains thanks to the developed infrastructure of the region. Many hotels offer shuttle service or provide detailed driving directions if you want to get there by your own car. A trip to the Carpathian Mountains is suitable for families with children of any age because it has guaranteed health benefits and lets you choose entertainment to suit any taste — from contact zoos for toddlers to speed trolley slopes for teenagers.