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Master Classes

Mountain Valley Peppers – recreation activities to your liking!

We hold master classes:

  • wood carving
  • pottery
  • weaving bedspreads and carpets
  • we offer a unique relaxation experience in the hay wearing Hutsul clothes


We revive the traditions:

  • You will be greeted by a master of the valley and live music;
  • For you, an old Hutsul hut was restored and turned into staya (seasonal house) with vaternik (a room with a fireplace);
  • There is a collection of old Hutsul things; 
  • There is a possibility to experience sheep grazing and
  • making budz, vurda, brynza.


Within the spruce forest, we have arranged:

  • children’s and sports grounds;
  • gazebos and fireplaces;
  • wells and forest trails;
  • an alley of stone and wooden sculptures.

We offer to:

  • take pictures in Hutsul clothes;
  • buy souvenirs and organic products (cheese, jams, lard, mushrooms, liqueurs, etc.).

Here you can always taste and buy fresh Hutsul cheeses, enjoy banosh and baked lamb, drink cold uzvar and intoxicating mead.

Participation in a master class: from 150 UAH per person.

Location: Horishkiv section, the village of Yablunytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk Region.

Distance from our complex is 5.9 km or 3.7 miles.


Infoline: +38(097) 062 60 62


Opening hours: 09:00 до 21:00


How to get there: order a taxi at the reception/by personally owned car.