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Rafting club “Skita” is your unbridled emotions, exciting experience and memories for life! For over 7 years we organize active holidays in the Carpathians. We offer rafting on the Black Cheremosh and Prut for all comers. Every year we improve service, upgrade equipment and take care of the high level of conditions for our guests.


What is included:

 round-trip transfers;

rental of modern suits and shoes;

the best rafting gear (helmet, vest, paddle)

IRF certified rafting guide services;

photo shooting of the rafting trip.


Duration of the trip:

Total duration is 5-6 hrs. and includes round-trip transfers, dressing up, briefing, photo, rafting;

the rafting itself takes from 45 min to 1 h 30 min, depending on the selected rafting and the water level in the river;


We offer two scenic routes of varying complexity * prodovzhenosti and duration in time:

1) (more interesting) from. Dzembronya to Krasnik (April-July) – for adrenaline lovers, the rapid turns and turbulent rifts: III category of complexity, duration of rafting is 7-8,5 km, 45 minutes-1 hour;

2) с. 2. in the village Bystrets and in Krasnik (August – September) – for the fans of picturesque Carpathian landscapes: II category of complexity, duration of the rafting is 6,5 km, the duration of the rafting is about 1-1,5 h.

Both proposed routes do not require special preparation, designed for beginners, but will be of interest and experienced rafters.


rafting on rafts (boats for 4-10 people), on kayaks (for 2-3 people) and kayaks (for 1 person).


There are discounts for children:

up to and including 9 years old – 50% discount

At the age of 10-14 years old – 25% discount

Children are allowed to rafting only with parental consent.


It’s necessary to have:

a change of underwear and a T-shirt, a towel, a backpack / bag for changing things.


Cost: from 700 UAH / person.


Location: Ivano-Frankivsk region Vorokhta town, 16 Zavodskaya street.

From our complex 21 km.


Info-line: +38 (066) 254 22 88

                  + 38 (063) 473 35 17

Working hours: 08:00 to 18:00


You can get there: order a cab at the reception / transfer / own car.