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What makes summer holidays in the Carpathians special

31 May 2021

Clouds-covered peaks, boundless forests, and green valleys of the Carpathians beckon with their beauty. This is a gorgeous place where travelers can enjoy the magnificent scenery and the majestic tranquility of the mountains. But won’t a city dweller get bored in the midst of the wilderness? In fact, there is a lot of recreation activities here! All tourists, regardless of age and personal preferences, will be able to find something interesting for themselves.

When planning a vacation in the Carpathians, bear in mind that the summer season in the mountains comes a little later. If you want to enjoy warm and dry sunny days, come here between early July and late August. In June and September, the holiday can be interrupted by significant weather changes.

Natural treasures of the Carpathian Mountains

Wildlife is the very reason to visit the Carpathians in the summer. Crystal-clear air, spring water, and fabulous landscapes will be a pleasant contrast for a person accustomed to city life.

Walking in the mountains

Mount Hoverla is the iconic landmark of the Carpathians. This is the highest peak in Ukraine. It is located near Vorokhta. Despite the high-profile status, it is quite easy to climb the mountain – without this, the classic summer vacation program in the Carpathians cannot be considered complete.

The path on the mountain-side wonders through among juniper thickets, coniferous groves, and mountain rivers. On a fine day, the panorama that opens up from the top is the never-to-be-forgotten one: the massive Chornohora mountain range lies to the southeast, Ivano-Frankivsk is visible in the north, and Sighetu Marmației (Romania) can be seen in the south. Walking tourism enthusiasts can hike from Hoverla to the nearby Mount Petros or enjoy a walk along the Breskul sides.

The most picturesque routes include the Dovbush Rocks near Yaremche. This is a whole complex of wildlife and historical attractions. In ancient times, pagan rituals were held here, but later a Christian monastic skete was established. During the days of the Principality of Halych, defensive fortifications were built on the rocks. There are many natural caves and underground passages used by the Hutsuls during the war.

If you want to visit the mysterious Carpathian grottoes, go to the village of Kryvche. Here is the Crystal Cave, which attracts tourists with its beauty and unusual microclimate. You can admire the giant stalactites in the Romania Grotto located in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. Hiking enthusiasts should visit such natural reserves as Gorgany, Synevyr, and Tustan, which will enrich their vacation program.

Lakes and waterfalls

A trip to the Carpathians’ jewels will greatly complement the hiking trail. If you want to experience wildlife with a minimum of walking, book a tour to the local lakes or waterfalls. The most well-known of them are the following:

  • Synevyr;
  • Lebedyn;
  • Brebeneskul;
  • Solotvyno Salt Lakes.

In total, there are over a hundred mountain lakes in the Carpathians. They fascinate with the cold brilliance of crystal-clear water. The Lake Molodosti deserves to be given particular emphasis. Although it was created by human hands, this lake is definitely worth to be visited at least once. The large water body is surrounded by landscaped beaches and sports grounds. There is a diving school; jet skis and catamarans are available for rent; visitors can go water skiing or use a trolley to fly over the water surface. All of the above will turn the summer in the Carpathians into an unforgettable experience!

The mountains will also welcome you with plushy crystal waterfalls. They are especially water-abundant at the beginning of summer. The most picturesque of them include:

  • Hoverlyanske and Smotrytsʹki Falls;
  • Shypit;
  • Maniava waterfall;
  • Waterfall Probiy;
  • Kudrynetsʹ.

All of them are located near villages or on popular mountain trails.

Holidays with sightseeing tours

The Carpathians are not only beautiful. It is also a region with extremely rich cultural traditions. Local museums and ancient castles offer the opportunity to discover the unique historical heritage of this land.

  • The Hutsul Land is one of the best places for summer family holidays in Bukovel. This is a themed amusement park. It tells about the culture and history of the Hutsuls, Boykos, and Lemkos’ regions. There are arts and crafts workshops, an art gallery, etc.
  • The Khata-Staya Cheese Factory Museum is the place where you can see the traditional tool for making cheese and many old-time household items. There is a site where master classes on cooking traditional Carpathian dishes and weaving are given from time to time.
  • Vyshyvanka Museum (Museums of embroidery) in Verkhovyna and Pysanka Museum (Easter Egg Museum) in Kolomyya exhibit items in which folk art resonates with handcraftsmanship. Abundant collections demonstrate ancient techniques of Ukrainian craftsmen and craftswomen.
  • Museum of Hutsul Magic – here you will be told about Molfars (Carpathian healers), mysterious rituals, traditional fortune-telling, and country lore. The museum is located in the settlement of Verkhovyna.
  • Museum of the narrow-gauge railway in Kolochava — it is dedicated to the railway that operated in the village of Kolochava at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Here you can see documents and tools of those times, as well as a real passenger carriage of the former narrow-gauge railway.

It is difficult even to simply list the local museums and exhibitions: there are interesting sightseeing locations in almost every town and village. But if you really want to become acquainted with ancient history, head to the Carpathian castles.

  • Palanok Castle is a system of fortifications built on the territory of modern Mukachevo in the 11th century. Over the centuries of its existence, the fortress was rebuilt several times. Today it has been completely renovated, so the Castle leaves a lasting impression.
  • Uzhhorod Сastle is a fortress that was first mentioned in written sources of the 9th century. Visitors should walk along the path on the picturesque sides of Castle Hill to reach this ancient structure and the local history museum located within its walls. The fortress overlooks the historical center of the city, so it is easy to get there.
  • Schönborn Palace is a castle built in the 19th century on the territory of the former hunting lands of the Earls of Schönborn. It is a majestic structure decorated with Gothic turrets. The austere and at the same time romantically beautiful halls of this palace witnessed many geniuses of their time.

You should not also ignore the Chynadiiovo and Serednyansʹkyy castles hooped with mystical legends. All of these destinations offer exciting sightseeing programs accompanied by professional guides. Summer holidays in the Carpathians give the opportunity to visit historical, cultural, and architectural monuments of striking beauty. This is a worthy alternative to European sightseeing attractions!

Summer entertainment in the Stara Pravda Hotel

If you plan to visit Bukovel in the summer and your aim is to relax and get away from intense everyday life, our hotel offers several options of leisure activities.

  • SPA — the territory of Stara Pravda features two open terraces with 2 swimming pools and 4 jacuzzis that operate from mid-spring to mid-autumn. The water temperature in the pools is always maintained at + 29°C, so the swimming and bathing experience is guaranteed to be pleasant. Relax while enjoying the mountain scenery. Wishing for more heat? Visit the hotel’s firewood Hutsul bathhouse. Here you can steam with oak whisks, take a dip in the chilly pool and drink aromatic herbal tea. Those who want to get rid of the fatigue after an active day are invited to a massage. Our specialists perform healing and cosmetic procedures and make body wraps. You will return home from such a vacation a refreshed and rejuvenated person!
  • Hookah. A spacious terrace overlooking the natural beauty of the Carpathians, cozy armchairs, and aromatic tobacco – what else do you need for a perfect summer evening in the mountains??
  • Yoga — is the choice of those who prefer to combine recreation and health improvement. Enjoy meditation exercises on a specially equipped site. Carpathian mountain air and morning birdsong will revive and put you in a wonderful mood for the whole day!
  • Horse riding. Take a ride along the winding forest paths. Communication with these noble animals charges with energy and is beneficial for the nervous system. Such a ride will be enjoyed by both adult and young guests of the hotel.

Do you prefer more active summer holidays in the Carpathians? We know exactly what to offer so you don’t get bored!

  • Hike to Hoverla — hiking to the highest point of Ukraine accompanied by an experienced guide. We select the optimal trail (more difficult or easier) in each case and provide a transfer service to the starting point and back. This hike can be arranged for one guest, a couple, or a whole group.
  • Off-road driving is fun for those with a strong itch for adventure! Assisted by an experienced driver, you will enjoy a drive in an off-roader through the most beautiful and at the same time hard-to-reach places. Such an experience during a summer vacation in Bukovel will give unforgettable impressions, so all family members will enjoy it.
  • Quad bike hire is the choice of guests who have missed vivid emotions, want to get a new one-of-a-kind experience, and a little adrenaline in addition. Powerful fast ATVs are great for extreme rides in wild forests. We provide safety equipment and instructor support.
  • Rafting is a great option for those who want to observe the beauty of the mountains from an unusual angle and add a pinch of extreme to the summer vacation in Bukovel. Fast, but not too deep Carpathian rivers are perfect for rafting. Rafting tours are conducted in compliance with all safety rules.
  • Roller Coaster Zipline is exciting leisure-time entertainment for those who love speed. There is a special rail that serves as a guide, not a cable. The track winds at a low height among the trees and gets past the obstacle at the nick of time.
  • Bike zip is extreme, but absolutely safe fun for those who want to tickle their nerves. Take a bike ride along the aerial ropeway over Lake Molodosti! The height of the track reaches 30 m, and the length is over half a kilometer. This is the longest zipline in the world!
  • Helicopter flight is a great option for those who have always wondered how a hero of an action movie feels. Such a trip enables you to enjoy the natural beauty of the Carpathians from a bird’s eye view. The panorama seen from the helicopter is even more breathtaking than the one observed from the mountain peaks.
  • The parachute jump is the choice of guests who want to get the utmost adrenaline rush in the Carpathians in the summer. Indulge in an unforgettable adventure amidst majestic mountains. We provide detailed guidelines and all the necessary equipment.

The hotel has equipped its territory to make sure that children will have a lot of fun here. Parents will quickly see that the young guests of Stara Pravda can easily find something to their liking. There are two spacious playrooms with a three-story castle for princesses and a children’s kitchen. A variety of toys – from dolls to construction kits – will make the holiday even more interesting. Kids and many adults will love the PlayStation. As to the outdoor activities, you can play ping pong or arrange a competition on the sports field just for laughs.

As you can see, the summer holidays in the Carpathians cannot be boring if you choose the Stara Pravda hotel. Book your ideal cottage or ethno-room in the mountains to discover recreation in a new style. You will definitely want to come back here again!